How Does Your Health Insurance Work?

How Does Your Health Insurance Work?

Your private health insurance covers:

 – inpatient care – being treated in a hospital, either overnight or even for weeks

 – outpatient care – also called ambulatory care is anything that doesn’t require hospitalization

 – a medical emergency.

Whenever you need to use your MediHelp/MediSky policy, there are two ways we can help financially, either through direct settlement after a pre-authorization letter, or by means of ‘pay and claim’.

In the case of ‘pay and claim’, when the costs of medical and healthcare services are going to be paid directly to the healthcare provider by you, you have to notify us in writing in advance, attaching medical documentation. Pre-authorisation is required above a certain amount that is defined in your policy.

When you have a claim to make, you first have to collect all your medical bills, including doctors’ fees, hospitalization invoice, medication receipt. Along with all these, you will also have to send to MediHelp/MediSky all the medical documents such as medical reports, discharge medical report, lab tests results, recommendation from the doctor, as well as a fully completed claim form. 

In an emergency, where you have not had the chance to contact MediHelp/MediSky in advance and you are admitted to hospital, please contact us as soon as possible, or make sure that the hospital is aware of your MediHelp/MediSky insurance cover.