How to Choose Your Health Insurance Plan?

How To Choose Your Health Insurance Plan?

There are several aspects you should consider when you choose your private health insurance provider and your insurance package.

First and foremost, you have to see whether your policy offers international coverage or if it is limited to only one country, and whether you are free to choose your medical care provider from several offered by your insurance provider, or if it is limited to one healthcare provider.

A crucial question is whether the policy also covers cancer treatment or transplantation. This point is also tied to the first aspect to consider, since these treatments might only covered in the public health system.

Further points to consider are whether it also covers your family, covers any pre-existing conditions or only future illnesses, and if it has the option to choose to pay a deductible to reduce the insurance payments if necessary.

Make sure you check that the policy will provide all the medical care that you or your family may need. You will also want to be assured that you will have access to the best possible medical healthcare providers, backed up by an experienced support team such as the one provided by MediHelp to help you in times of need.

Finally, you have to be assured that it is good value for money, and that the insurance provider is a specialist, meaning that they specialize in health insurance ONLY.

Deciding on private health insurance is among the most responsible decisions you will make in your life. MediHelp/MediSky has been present on the European market since 1999 and is the leading private health insurance provider in Central Eastern Europe, with operations in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.